Pros and Cons

Online Gambling Sites

Pros and Cons


Online gambling is a new genre of gambling entertainment that stands in its own right and as such shares as much similarities as it has differences with traditional gambling. Here is a list of some of its pros and cons as seen through our perspective. Of course, your personal view might come to differ, according to your own experience or preferences, but it is always useful to have a solid reference point.



Comps and Bonuses

Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling cannot attract you with its own Frank Sinatras or replicated Eiffel Towers so in order to stay on top of the competition, they have to revert to other means. Fortunately for the player, the cash that is usually allocated for spectacular eye candies in land-based casinos, is diverted toward the player's own pocket, namely in the form of comps and bonuses given for your gambling dollar. Many online casinos offer sign-up bonuses that can go as high as 100% of your initial deposit. In lieu to the free drinks and VIP rooms of the land-based casinos, you will find loyalty programs that offer anything from more free chips to vacations and car promotions. This means more tangible return value to the player.



The rules are usually better.

That is a strong pro, especially considering the fact that the rules are clearly displayed somewhere on the web site. For the shy or withdrawn among us this means you can always go back to refresh your memory without the embarrassment or nuisance of having to communicate to an attendant.

You don't have to travel.

You can save big on airfare and accommodation, while getting all the gaming fun in the comfort of your own home. Not to mention that dress code and other social details are irrelevant. You can just enjoy your game full-heartedly, oblivious to the vanities of the day.

You don't feel the pressure to tip.

Yes, you may not be too attached to your gambling dollar and just as well tend to spend it on tipping, but the pressure is something no money can buy off. Once again, the accumulation of social considerations can be annoyingly distracting and feeling pressured to tip is the first on the list of nuisances.

You don't have to put up with anyone but yourself.

No need to put up with an obnoxious neighbor or a suspiciously curious bystander. No shuffling through a crowd to get to a table, breathing in the fumes of smokers (if you are not) or getting critical glances from devout non-smokers (if you are a smoker). Just enjoy your favorite game in the company of your favorite person (yourself) and any good/bad habit you may have.


Slower withdrawal process.

One of the main thrills of land-based casinos is that you can walk out of the room with pocketfuls of cash. Instantly. With online casinos you have to cultivate patience for getting your dollar. In addition to casino withdrawal procedures, you will have to wait until your bank processes the money or until the check arrives in the mail. The average waiting period is two to four weeks. On the bright side, this is enough time to cool down after the big win and put your money management abilities back on track. Remember, most of those pocketfuls of cash usually go right back into the land-based casinos they came from, reinvested in the numerous distractions designed to lure your dollar safely back in.

Variable customer service.

Depending on the casino (Except for the ones listed on our site), sometimes it may take up to several days to receive an answer to your question. Most reputable casinos have 24-hours email or toll-free service. The quality of service may vary not only from casino to casino but within the same casino as well. You may also sometimes have to try to push your way through a pile of generic messages until you reach and talk to a live person.

You don't have to travel.

If you are a travel buff whose thrill of gaming is intrinsically connected to the adventure of traveling, this former pro will instantly become a con with you. Remember though, while you are missing the aroma of that airplane meal and the soothing voice of the flight attendant, you are actually making big savings that can prolong substantially your gaming fun.

You don't have to feel the pressure to tip.

Which also means no free drinks. Let's face it, no matter how much you spend in the casino, the soothing abundance of free drinks is priceless.

You don't have to put up with anyone else.

Admit it, the smoke, the staff, the ambience and the crowd of a physical casino are part of the fun. The enigmatic look of the player across, the swift gestures of the croupier or the public challenge of winning all add to the allure of traditional casinos. In online casinos you have absolutely no chance of befriending a big winner to collectively drink his winnings in the casino bar. However, if you are playing a downloadable software, you may share a table with other players - a modest substitute to the aforementioned situations, but hey, better something than nothing.

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